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You may be thinking that this is just another yada yada page. Well, you're wrong. First of all, you are looking to buy a shed and probably willing to shell out some hard earned money for it. And second, this is something your neighbors are going to see. They themselves may already have one and we know you're trying to out do'em. And we know that all you guys out there think you know everything there is to know already. (Why do you think we never ask for directions.) But here is your opportunity to maybe learn a thing or two you may not know (or at least reconfirm what you think you already know). Besides, the more you know, the better decision you can make on what's right for you. So before you browse through our site too much, take a moment and read this important page. You'll be glad you did. It's not that long...really.

If nothing else...READ THIS

As you know, we have 4 different shed styles to choose from:

  1. 1 Foot overhang
  2. Gable
  3. Playhouse
  4. Barn

We can also build custom sheds as well. You can design your own and have us take a look at it, or modify one of our own sheds. Take a look at our options page to get an idea of different modifications to our standard sheds. If you have your own design, bring or send it in to have an estimate. Depending on the time of season and how busy we are, you may have a longer wait to have a custom shed built than for a standard shed.

What to Look For in a Shed

Lets go over a few things you should look for in a shed before buying. Lets start with the base and floor. Our sheds are built on 4x4 green treated skid timbers. This is important to give the floor joists proper support. Many sheds from other builders don't use anything to support the joists, thus over time your floor will become weak and fall apart, causing you to cuss and swear and wish you had bought your shed from us.

Floor and siding are very important too. They can greatly add to the strength and integrity to your shed. A lot of sheds are built using OSB board (commonly called chip board or particle board). The problem with using this type of wood is that it's really intended to be used for roof plywood, not your floor. The wood is made up of chips of wood that are glued together. After a short while of wear and tear the chips start to delaminate leaving weak spots. Soon, you've worn a hole and you have no strength left and your floor is garbage. Plus it doesn't hold up to the punishment that we know you'll dish out (you know, parking your 350 pound John Deere lawn mower, or dropping your tools a few thousand times).

We use 5/8th inch plywood for both floor and siding. Plywood has great strength and durability. It is made from thinner whole sheets of wood laminated together making it stronger than solid wood of the same size. Plus you can get it in regular or for a little more in green treated.

Our standard siding is 5/8th inch T1-11 with 8 inch center groves. It is a southern yellow pine. And like the floor it has incredible strength. (NOTE: We can use OSB for siding if you plan on putting on vinyl siding. Note we said you and not we will be putting the vinyl siding on!).

Our walls are built using 2x4 studs with 24 inch on-center spacing, the same as your garage or house. The roof is also 24 inch on-center rafters with a ridge beam down the middle, again the same as a garage or house. This gives your roof and walls a lot of strength and support. Most other sheds are not built with a lot of strength or support in either the walls or roof. They rely on the siding to give the shed its strength. Many don't even use full 2x4. Some use 2x3 and don't even have 24 inch center studs! I tell ya, it's enough to make any architect or carpenter just want to cry sometimes!!

One of the real beauties of our sheds are our doors. "OK ... Whoop tee do" you say. "What's so great about doors"?    I'll tell ya. Tell me one thing you hate more than crappy doors. You know, the ones that don't close or open right cuz' they bind or are warped or just don't work. How about all those sheds you drive past and the doors are all rotted out and are falling off the hinges. The reason these doors stink so bad is that they are made from a piece of siding with a 2x4 X in the back to give it it's support. But over a short period of time the doors warp making them hard to open and close. And after a little more time the hinges wear out from the extra stress from the rubbing together of trying to open and close these crappy doors. It drives you crazy just thinkin' about it I bet.

Well, let me tell you about our doors. They are built from a regular hollow-core door (like you bathroom door) with a piece of siding nailed to the front with 1x4 trim. When properly installed and maintained, they will last you long enough for your kids' kids to enjoy them. are probably asking yourself two things at this point. One being "why do other shed builders build their buildings the way they do"? I'll tell ya why...MONEY. In the retail business you want to have low cost and high profit. By screwing you with cheap materials or a lack of extra materials, they save themselves a ton of money. And then they turn around and sell their sheds for a fortune. They think that a shed isn't worth putting all the extra time and money in. The only other reason why they would build their sheds this way would be because they just don't know any better cuz' they are louzy carpenters. Either way, I wouldn't buy one of their sheds!


The other question you may be asking yourself is "Are other sheds really that bad, and are yours really that much better"? And our answer is YES!!! If you won't take our word for it, just run by and take a look at our competition. We encourage it!! And then come up to our shop or stop by one of our displays and take a look at what we have to offer. That's our best selling point. There's no comparison! Just like you don't need to be a mechanic to know the difference between a GEO and a Cadillac, you don't need to be a carpenter to see what makes our sheds stand out way above our competition.

Now the real funny thing is that there really isn't that big of a price difference between what we build and what they offer. So hey, if you're going to shell out that much money for a shed to put in your back yard, build one so you can say "Hey neighbor, this one's mine!!" and feel confident that you've made him jealous.   Do it right and make your ol' man proud of ya by getin' one of our sheds. Heck, even if we did the job, you can tell him that you put it up...all by yourself!! We won't care. And don't worry when he calls and wants you to build him one too cuz' you did such a fine job, just tell him you're too busy, but you know some great guys that would be more than happy to do it for ya.   :-)